Manchester-based FinTech startup Frost launches waitlist

12th June 2020 | Blogs, Member News, News

By Frost


Frost is the intelligent account that helps you take control of your spending, save big on foreign transactions, and slash energy bills.

There’s a new breeze blowing on the Manchester startup scene. Frost — the smart account that helps you conquer your finances — has launched their waitlist. 

Frost lets you open an account in minutes from your smartphone. You can pay in your salary, set up direct debits, send money to contacts, and make online and in-store purchases with a debit card. 

But what sets it apart from traditional accounts is a smart engine that works to make you money even while you’re spending it. 

Frost co-founder and CEO Pawel Oltuszyk explains: 

We’re creating the first fully intelligent digital account on the market. Whether it’s spending smarter, setting financial goals, cutting the cost of your energy bills, or getting the best deal on foreign exchange, Frost does all the hard work for you.

Co-founder and CMO Edyta Sliwinska continues:

We want saving money to be effortless. For example, Ofgem reckons 60% of UK households pay a lot more for their gas and electricity than they have to, because they think switching is too much hassle. Frost pulls your direct debit data, finds the best deal and helps you switch. You don’t have to lift a finger. You’ll also get in-depth spending analytics so you can understand where your money is going, set goals, and make better financial decisions.”

Research shows Brits aren’t nearly as financially savvy as they think they are. The average person spends £200 a month on purchases they’ll later regret, and could slash their energy bills by £350 a year or more by switching suppliers. We also collectively lose £1 billion a year to unfair exchange rates and hidden charges. 

Frost will initially only be available to users who have signed up to the waitlist. The plan is to then make it available to anyone resident in the UK. 

The first 1,000 users who join the waitlist will get exclusive perks and freebies, including free access to Frost’s premium plan, dubbed Frost Ice, for 12 months.

Find out more about Frost and join the waitlist here.

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