IFGS 2019 Speaker Spotlight: Roxana Mohammadian-Molina, Chief Strategy Officer, Blend Network

What is it about IFGS that brings you back every year? OR What is it about IFGS that has brought you to the event this year?
This will be my first year attending IFGS. I believe this event is the place where at the high level, you get the real decision makers coming together to really think about what is next for the industry.

What is the biggest change you have seen in the FinTech industry over the past 12 months?
I think the biggest change in the FinTech industry are 1) deeper and better data capture which means a more standardized client onboarding process which includes deeper and better data capture about the client so that there will be a more pinpointed planning process and 2) more integration between alternative finance and traditional finance as part of one unique ecosystem.

What do you believe to be the most vital implication of Brexit on UK Fintech?
I personally believe that Brexit has brought uncertainty, lots of uncertainty, but if you look beyond the trees and the short-term volatility, everybody likes uncertainty because it creates opportunity. I believe that Brexit brings a huge amount of opportunities for the UK FinTech sector; the key is to be able to capitalize on those opportunities.

What are your go-to reads for industry updates and insights?
I read trade magazines and news portals such as P2P Finance News and Development Finance Today. I obviously also read finance titles such as the FT. But what I most enjoy reading (or rather listening to because I have the digital subscription!) is The Economist. I have been reading The Economist for the past 20 years, I collect every title and I love going back to check the front-page that covered big events such as the 2001 twine tower attack, the 2008 financial meltdown or the 2016 Brexit vote. But for me my best source of information on what is happening in the industry is regular networking and speaking with my colleagues, my peers and people across my industry – I go to loads of events, round tables and meetings.


If you could be stuck in a lift with 3 people who would it be and why?

  1. Daniel Craig (not only he is super attractive and would make the whole broken-lift experience more fun, he is also strong and will probably be able to get us out of the lift, although I might not actually want the broken-lift experience to end after all!)
  2. Rowan Atkinson, i.e. Mr Bean (he is super funny, would make me laugh so much and make the broken-lift experience less dramatic)
  3. Jeff Bezos (he is worth $140 billion, well $70 billion after his divorce. So we can talk business and I’ll try get him to invest in our company as we wait for the lift to be fixed. And he is recently divorced, so worst case if he doesn’t invest we can go for a dinner)

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