No.10 business unit hosts FinTech leaders

9th December 2021 | News

8 December 2021 - Senior leaders from some of the UK’s most prominent FinTech companies gathered at No.10 Downing Street yesterday to discuss further strengthening the investment environment for FinTech, and maximising the benefits of Government reforms to listings rules.

The discussion was attended by Chris Philp MP, Minister for Tech and the Digital Economy, Alex Hickman, the Prime Minister’s Special Adviser on business and Janine Hirt, CEO of Innovate Finance.

The group noted that FinTech already contributes £5.4bn to the UK economy, and discussed how we can ensure it reaches more than £20bn by 2030.

The FinTech leaders welcomed the Government’s actions to create a globally competitive listings regime in the UK, and discussed how best to capitalise on these reforms, including shifting culture to celebrate and support UK “unicorns” and national champions.

Janine Hirt, CEO, Innovate Finance, said: “The roundtable was an excellent forum for FinTech leaders to provide their thoughts on further strengthening the investment landscape and listing environment here in the UK.

“The discussion highlighted the enormous ambitions that FinTech businesses have for growing the sector over the next decade. The government has taken some very positive steps forward, including delivering on key recommendations in the Kalifa Review, and we want to ensure this momentum continues.

“We are grateful to the Prime Minister’s team for providing this important opportunity for Innovate Finance members to engage with Ministers and senior advisers. We look forward to further such meetings in the future.”


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