Predictive cashflow tool Fluidly launches on new data infrastructure and bolsters AI capabilities

London, Tuesday 10 September: Fintech startup Fluidly has launched a new version of its AI-driven cashflow forecasting software, with a bolstered data infrastructure to support rapid user growth, faster feature delivery and increased AI capabilities. Fluidly now also integrates with QuickBooks Online, in addition to its existing integration with Xero.

Fluidly’s rate of growth has increased significantly in recent months, with over 20,000 connected businesses and hundreds of accountancy practices now on its platform. To cater to this continued pace of expansion, Fluidly has migrated its services to Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The application now generates a cashflow forecast many times faster than its first release and has greater AI functionality at scale.

Fluidly also uses GCP’s data science development environment, AI Platform, to bring new machine learning projects into deployment and support its focus on rapid delivery of market-leading features. Current features in development include Dynamic Insights, which will provide personalised financial recommendations and suggested actions, informed by users’ accounting data.

In June, Fluidly was awarded £5M as part of the RBS Alternative Remedies Package, along with four other leading fintechs. As it accelerates the development of its Intelligent Cashflow software, the company has since hired almost 20 new staff in its product, tech and commercial teams, including three additional data scientists.

Caroline, CEO and Founder, Fluidly, said: “Fluidly has gone from strength to strength in 2019. As we build momentum, we’re creating powerful new features at an even faster rate, designed to provide control, certainty and confidence around cashflow.”

With Google Cloud Platform at Fluidly’s base, our capacity to test and deploy machine learning models has grown considerably, as we continue to carve out the new category of Intelligent Cashflow.”

Derek Freel, Head of Fintech Google Cloud, UKI, Google said: “We’re excited to work with Fluidly, who are driving real innovation in cashflow management and accounting tech.”

From fintech up-and-comers to major banks, having the right data infrastructure in place is key. As Fluidly continues to scale, Google Cloud is the perfect collaborator to support the company’s ambitious growth plans and capacity to roll out new AI-driven features.”