Sustainable Investment App Clim8 launches Crowdfunding Campaign

16th October 2020 | Blogs, News

By Clim8 Invest


  • Explosion of interest in sustainability and impact investing
  • Started onboarding a community of over 10,000 people to the app
  • £0.5 million raised in 24 hours as part of the private funding round

6th October, London, UK –  Clim8 Invest (Clim8), the only digital investment platform to help consumers invest in companies focused on tackling the climate crisis, has announced the launch of a Crowdcube funding campaign. Building on the £2 million in funding already raised, including from a venture capital fund backed by the British Business Bank, the purpose of this additional funding round is to capitalise on an increased interest in impact investing.

“This year we’ve seen a dramatic increase in interest in climate change and impact investing,” said Duncan Grierson, Founder, and CEO, Clim8. “Due in part to COVID, people are more aware of their immediate environment, the clean air, and have gained clarity on the things that are most important to them. We are doubling down to make the most of this momentum.”

Independent research* commissioned recently by Clim8 found that climate change was UK consumers’ number one concern. However, over two-thirds continue to invest their money in savings accounts or pension funds that fund industries that damage the environment.

“Our mission at Clim8 is to raise awareness of the sustainable options available and empower more people to make the best choice for themselves and for the planet. This funding round will enable us to spread our message and also fund further product development. Our community has grown fast to over 10,000 people and we want to reach many more,” said Grierson.

Unlike investment funds that focus merely on “negative screening” of fossil fuel companies, the Clim8 team is proactively investing in companies and sectors that are making a positive difference on climate change. They proactively pursue companies with products and services that are making an impact, to make a positive contribution to our planet’s future.

Clim8 has started onboarding users from its waitlist and will launch the platform officially this autumn. With this funding round, Clim8 is giving the public an opportunity to invest directly in the company and help achieve its goal of moving £billions into clean energy and truly green, sustainable businesses. 

Clim8’s investors will be able to track their investments via a user-friendly mobile app. These investments will help make a profound positive impact on the environment via a growing portfolio of publicly listed companies involved in clean energy, clean technology, sustainable food, electric mobility, and recycling.

Mike Barry, former Head of Sustainability at M&S and Clim8 Advisor and Investor added: “We need a new economy. One that works for everybody. And that’s what Clim8 does. It empowers people to be part of the economic upside of change and build a better future. One that’s low carbon, fair, equitable, and commits to wellbeing.”

The Crowdcube page has gone live with the private funding round raising over £0.5 million in the first 24 hours -  Investors in Clim8 via Crowdcube are also invited to register their interest by joining the early access waitlist to be among the first to download the app.  

About Clim8 Invest

Clim8 Invest (Clim8) is the digital investment platform for people looking for a simple way to invest in their future and in the future of the planet.   Clim8 is the only investment platform to exclusively select companies and funds that are focused on tackling the climate crisis and bringing about tangible change. 

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