Alastair Douglas

CEO, Totally Money

Alastair’s background is in high-performing, high-growth startups. He’s motivated by his belief that technology should be used to genuinely help people and solve the problems that are holding them back.

His time at TotallyMoney has been defined by its mission to help everyone move their finances forward. That meant a keen focus on making people’s financial data work for them, not against them. 

 Under Alastair’s leadership, the company now provides more than four million customers with their live credit report, for free — plus personalised recommendations on what they can do next to improve their credit scores and maintain their financial momentum. TotallyMoney has become a market-leading credit app for the 20 million adults otherwise overlooked and under-served by the financial services industry.

Alastair has also pushed the company to build a diverse and inclusive workplace, where people love what they do and feel empowered to deliver their best work. It’s a rich company culture focussed on developing innovative new products and delivering the absolute best for customers.