Anjuli Pandit

UK Head of Corporate Sustainability / Primary Sustainability Manager, BNP Paribas`

Anjuli is a Sustainable Finance expert at BNP Paribas focusing on the fixed income market. She has had extensive experience in sustainability and climate action in the private, public and non-profit sectors. Anjuli joined BNP Paribas from the Tata Group, where she worked across a range of its companies to develop eco-sustainability products, build relationships with governments and support the turnaround agenda for its hospitality arm, Taj. In addition, Anjuli has run multiple social and environmental projects in India and France; worked with the Obama Administration at the Council on Environmental Quality; the International Energy Agency and the former US Vice President Al Gore’s ‘The Climate Project’, launching its India chapter in 2008. Anjuli has lived in 10 different countries. She has a bachelors in Elementary Education from University of Miami and a Masters in International Public Management from Sciences Po Paris.​