Anne Boden

Founder & CEO, Starling Bank

Category: Senior Leaders

Anne is the first and only female founder of a UK bank. A computer scientist by training, she spotted the potential for digital technology to revolutionise retail banking following the 2008 financial crisis. She built a digital banking platform scratch, offering a mobile phone banking app with smart money management tools and created a banking platform that makes Starling’s banking and payments infrastructure available to third parties. She raised $70 million and obtained a full banking licence in 2016, launching Starling’s first account in 2017 which now has more than 460,000 customers.

She has disrupted the UK current account market for personal, joint and business accounts as well as the B2B payments industry. In 2018, Boden received an MBE for her services to financial technology.

Anne lives and breathes Starling, but if she had to do something very different it would be something entrepreneurial in the application of machine learning to fabric and design.

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