Arianna Gasparri

Financial Inclusion Specialist, UNCDF

Category: Rising Stars.

Arianna Gasparri is a UNCDF Financial Inclusion Specialist managing a portfolio of 5M USD to increase access and usage of innovative financial services for women and youth, working closely with a wide variety of FinTechs. Arianna is the UNCDF neutral broker for the Ghanaian FinTech ecosystem, contributing to advancing public-private dialogue at national level, improving outcomes for both the private sector and the relevant policy makers who regulate them. Before joining the team in Ghana, Arianna was the Youth Finance Advisor for the UNCDF Regional Office in Senegal. She has co-led multiple technical assistance projects to build financial and FinTech ecosystems in West Africa that enable youth to flourish in their communities. 


Prior to joining UNCDF, Arianna worked as analyst for a rating company, where she has been in charge of diagnostics, risk management and performance evaluation of financial services providers worldwide. Arianna has championed digital and FinTechs as enabler to foster financial inclusion in all her roles in the private sector and in the international organizations which have brought her to work in more than 20 countries, with more than 15 partners supported to develop financial services more accessible and more affordable, helping to make the industry more inclusive for all.

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