Asesh Sarkar

CEO, Salary Finance

Asesh Sarkar is an entrepreneur working at the intersection of social impact, financial technology (FinTech) and employee benefits. He is the Co-founder and Global Chief Executive of Salary Finance, a breakthrough platform focused on improving the financial health of employees in the UK and US.

Salary Finance helps employees move from debt to savings through innovative salary-linked products. These include savings products linked directly to payroll — to help employees automatically build up savings during each pay period — and low interest salary-linked loans — to replace the high-cost debts employees have, saving them money in interest and helping them pay off debt sooner.

Asesh was inspired to launch Salary Finance after seeing how a lack of access to affordable financial services was causing his children’s nanny to struggle with debt repayment. He initially helped her by giving her a loan that she repaid monthly from her salary, before scaling the model globally. Salary Finance was recognized as the 2018 socially responsible business of the year by BITC (Business in the Community — The Prince’s Responsible Business Network) and was featured on the Forbes list of socially responsible British startups.

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