Caroline Hughes

CEO, Lifetise

Category:  Rising Stars (Returnees, Young Professionals, FinTech Newbies)

Caroline Hughes is co-founder and CEO of Lifetise, a consumer FinTech startup which helps people plan how to afford major life decisions, like buying a home or having children. Lifetise was selected as one of the companies in Accenture’s FinTech Innovation Lab 2019. They are also currently raising investment through crowdfunding.

She is a mentor for women-led start-ups through OneTech, a regular speaker at finance and tech industry events, and the host of the Money & Me podcast. In December 2019, Caroline was selected for TechHub’s Accelerate programme.

Previously, Caroline was an intellectual property and commercial lawyer, working across the tech, fashion and advertising industries.

Caroline was raised by her mum, a single parent, and money was tight during her childhood. Caroline realised a few years ago how much her need for financial security had driven so many of her life decisions. And how she’d had to figure it out for herself, without any advice. As had all of her friends.

So, she created Lifetise with her partner, Nick. To take the guesswork and fear out of how to afford big life decisions.

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