Catherine Wines

Co-Founder, WorldRemit

Category: Senior Leaders

Catherine co-founded WorldRemit in 2010, convinced that digital innovation could revolutionise the global money transfer market by enabling faster, lower-cost money transfers around the world. She disrupted a $600 billion industry which had under-served millions of migrants across the globe.

In light of her experience, Catherine has become a leader in shaping digital policy in developed and emerging markets, speaking to the United Nations and the World Bank on using regulation as a tool to advance financial inclusion around the world.

Catherine is a renowned speaker at FinTech conferences around the world as she is a passionate advocate for financial inclusion and women in tech. She also enjoys mentoring newcomers within the fintech industry and is the Pathway Leader for the FinTech Entrepreneurship Specialist Pathway at Cambridge Judge Launchpad. She also acts as a board adviser to FinTech-for-good company Beam, that supports homeless people through training and work using crowdfunding.