Denisse Rudich

CEO & Founder, Rudich Advisory, CCO & Co-Founder, ElementaryB

Denisse is a global champion of financial crime prevention initiatives with over 15 years delivering financial crime prevention – including anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing – strategic solutions across banking and the public sectors. She is CCO & co-founder of technology platform ElementaryB, CEO of Rudich Advisory and an Associate Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI). She has experience working with top-tier financial institutions, neobanks, crypto firms, regulators and civil society as well as holding the roles of Director of the G7 and G20 Research Groups (London). Denisse worked with the
WEF’s Global Coalition to Fight Financial Crime, set up the first global AML/CFT working group for the crypto industry, is a NED. Denisse regularly provides training on financial crime, is also an author, keynote speaker and panellist at industry events, and mentor to start-ups.

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