Doogie Black

European Lead, XDI

Doogie Black is one of XDI’s two lead regional consultants establishing their Europe-based Team. He is also a Founding Director of Climate Sense. He has worked in sustainable development for over 27 years with the last 20 focusing specifically upon climate change resilience. He has an honours degree in forest management and an MSc in Forestry and Sustainable Development.

Throughout Doogie’s career he has focused on the interface between society, the environment, and economics, with a particular emphasis on long-term decision-making and it’s behavioural implications. Working at individual, organisational, and systemic levels, Doogie is a leading pioneer in developing metrics for assessing and developing ‘adaptive capacity’. This includes developing approaches that ensure XDI’s world class climate change risk intelligence can be embedded within climate-informed decisions at the correct time, pace, and scale to have optimum impact. His work led him to be the UK Principal Expert in developing the first international standards on adaptation to climate change [ISO 14090 (2019) and ISO 14091 (2021)].

As a consultant, he has worked globally within and across private, public, and civil society organisations, ranging from local authorities and national policy makers to infrastructure operators, multinational corporations and development banks and donors.