Eva Wong

Co-Founder & COO, Borrowell

Category: Senior Leaders

Traditionally, good financial advice has been available to people who have the funds to pay for it. Those who need assistance the most, however, have struggled to access advice and understand their financial options. Eva co-founded Borrowell to change all this, coming up with the vision to provide Canadians with free credit scores and making crucial credit information more accessible.

Borrowell was a catalyst for Canada’s big banks to be more innovative and make credit information available to their customers and, today, three of the five big banks are offering credit scores to their customers.

She speaks frequently at conferences and in the media, educating about FinTech, as well as advocating for more diversity in tech and startups. Diversity is a core principle upon which Borrowell is founded and she believes this has helped in its commercial success. The firm is made up of 47% women, while the management team is 50%.

Charlotte Wood | Head of Innovation & FinTech Alliances