Felicia Kodderitzsch

Business & Operations Manager, Octopus Labs

Category: Rising Stars

Felicia works at Octopus Labs where she gets to build and scale FinTech businesses. She is responsible for building up the operations & customer offering for smart savings solution Octopus Cash. In addition, she has recently been tasked with helping launch the first electric-taxi pay-per-mile financing platform.

Felicia was born in Italy (to German parents) and raised in the USA and Vietnam. At an early age she decided that contributing to social impact would be a priority in her life. She has an academic background in Economics & Politics (BA) and International Public Policy (MSc) and now intends to use the entrepreneurial and digital skills she is picking up at Octopus to contribute to a more sustainable, fairer society.

She has worked with the Social Mobility Foundation to organise work experience placements for 65+ students from low-income backgrounds, introducing them to technology & data in a Fintech context. She has also been selected by Octopus to spend a month in Burma working with an education charity.

In her free-time, Felicia is a farm-hand at a hydroponic farm in London and an aspiring circus student.