Felicia Meyerowitz Singh

Founder & CEO, Akoni

Conceived of Akoni as a frustrated Lloyd’s insurance market Director managing cash under CASS and the firm’s own cash, and saver with very few market options. Felicia has significant experience in high-growth Financial Services businesses and startups operating in the UK FCA regulated environment including Alexander Forbes, Media Services, Primary Group; Howden, and has launched a number of digital market platforms. 

Felicia also has senior board-level experience including finance, operations, direct marketing to both SMEs and Retail, and as an FCA Approved Person / Controlled Function. Felicia is a Chartered Accountant (SA), Bcomm InfoSystems with an Executive MBA from London Business School (cum laude). 

Akoni’s innovation has been featured in Forbes, The Banker and Euromoney in addition to Felicia’s participation relating to changes in the wealth sector cash solution on the The Breakfast Show by 11:FS and a NextWealth podcast. 

Akoni won a Nesta Open Banking grant, is a top 100 Fintech Influencer and top 50 Business Cloud fintech and is an alumni of the Accenture Fintech Lab. Akoni provides a white label cash marketplace and tools to IFAs, wealth managers and platforms for their end-customers. This addresses risk/regulatory requirements, as well as benefits to clients across a range of holistic financial wellness relating to cash, including for clients targeting cash and digital solutions for inter-generational wealth transfers.  

Akoni is FCA regulated and banking partners include Barclays, Investec, Clydesdale, Altermore, Cater Allen, amongst others. Benefits to our wealth partners for the firm and end-customers include: 

  • Spreading risk/multi-bank management - across FSCS government guarantee and using Fitch Financial Implied Ratings (FIRs) 
  • Ensuring regulatory and governance obligations are met - including Investment pathways cash solution and fiduciary obligations relating to cash within wraps.    
  • Increasing returns on cash for clients, specifically during a covid19 environment with BoE rates at 0.10%, we still have banks paying 1.5% 
  • Increasing assets under influence, by including customer cash both on and off-platform
  • Cash/solutions for the next stage of inter-generational wealth transfers - fully digital onboarding with no form filling; leveraging Open Banking for a full view of all cash and savings prompts. This is especially beneficial during these times of remote work (onboarding from your sofa). Akoni provides an API first solution in addition to a portal option. We also provide rapid deployment roll-out and work with various top 10 IFA firms as well as platforms.
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