Feven Woldu

Enterprise Transformation, SVP, Wells Fargo Bank.

Category: Financial & Professional Services.

Feven Woldu is driving an accelerated global transformation agenda across the bank, leading with value proposition development for a portfolio of digital products. Over the years, Feven has gained recognition for her work in the fintech space, merging traditional finance competencies with the latest technologies to bring cutting-edge solutions to market. Her career has taken her from New York to San Francisco, Germany and now, the UK. 

In Germany, she led the go-to-market efforts of a European startup into the U.S., scaling the business up and out in just over a year via business development and process creation. In the UK, Feven remains an engaged data science technology enthusiast, citing industry dependency and the increasing importance of proactive solutioning. Her expert advisory experience spans across innovation programme development, business development and commercial strategy for fintech solutions. She also advises Technology units within the UK Government’s Cabinet Office, developing targeted innovation strategy. 

Passionate about forging equity in the industry, she is a member of UKBlackTech, an innovation group actively setting out to make the UK the most diverse tech ecosystem in the world. In parallel, she hosts a return-to-work workshop series for BAME individuals looking to break into the industry.

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