Harriet Rees

Head of Data Science, Starling Bank

Category: Technology Professionals (IT Specialists, Developers, Engineers)

Harriet is Head of Data Science at Starling Bank. Prior to joining Starling, Harriet’s career was focused in the Actuarial and Mathematical fields where she worked as Head of Price Optimization at AXA to bring applications of AI to traditional regulated Insurance markets. Harriet joined Starling in April 2018 and has since led the data science and analytics agenda at the Bank. Harriet is working on a range of AI applications at Starling which seek to improve efficiency at Starling and improve customer experiences for Starling customers. Harriet is passionate about jobs in Data and Tech being available outside of London and as such is establishing a team of Data Scientists that will be based in the new Starling offices in Cardiff. Harriet presents regularly on AI practice, Ethical AI and use of responsible AI including keynotes at TechnovaAI, GovMoney and as a panelist at FinTechConnect. Harriet also appeared in Finance Monthly in which she spoke about the need to inspire more women to enter Finance/Tech roles, which she hopes to do by being vocal about the issue.

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