Helen Brown

Senior Commercial Operations Analyst, Salary Finance

Category:  Rising Stars (Returnees, Young Professionals, FinTech Newbies)

Driven by a passion for equal opportunities for everyone, Helen started work within socially responsible organisations at university, interning at Mencap and Prisoners’ Advice Service. In 2018 she joined Salary Finance, a company underpinned by a social purpose. She was attracted to the company’s use of technology and innovation to make the lives of millions of working people less stressful, more productive and ultimately happier.

Salary Finance helps people get out of debt and into saving, at no cost to the employer, enabling them to improve engagement, reduce absenteeism and increase employee retention. Helen set up the sales operations function at Salary Finance, where she has implemented new processes, reporting functionality and automation.

Beyond her role, Helen launched the Proud@SF Network, a staff LGBTQ+ group. She established a partnership with King’s College London’s Social Mobility and Student Success Division. This year the company will welcome 40 bright young students from underrepresented backgrounds to get a real-world insight into maths and computer science.

Helen hopes other organisations will focus more on social mobility as a pillar in their D&I initiatives. Helen believes that, together, we can eradicate barriers to the Fintech industry for those from lower socio economic groups."

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