Ildefonso Olmedo

CDiO Customer & Innovation, Blockchain Lead, Santander

lldefonso is the CDiO Customer & Innovation at Santander UK and is leading the design, build and run across all self-service channel platforms across all business domains. He also looks after Research & Development and proofs of concepts as well as delivering high profile innovation programmes – Apple Pay, OnePay FX, the blockchain-based international payments service to retail customers, etc. He established the Department following the completion of his MBA at Tongji (Shanghai) and UCI (California) and having worked in Europe, America, Asia.

He has also been an influential figure in the continued Digital Transformation of Santander Technology advising on Agile best practices,  (he is a Certified Scrum Master and a Certified Kanban Management Professional) certified , software engineering best practices, SOA (he has a master on network and telecommunications engineering, 2nd national award) etc. he is also a certified AWS cloud architect and leading the design of the cloud patterns to move banking services into cloud

Blockchain has been his baby since completing a Masters in Blockchain at Stanford 5 years ago. He completed again last November to continue to be at the forefront of any new developments. He is part of the Stanford blockchain club and is currently working on web 3.0 PoCs such as Digital Trust protocol that he open sourced almost 4 years ago after presenting at the OSSF in New York.