Iren Levina

Senior Adviser, Productive Finance Working Group

Iren is a Senior Adviser at the Bank of England, leading the Secretariat of the industry-led Productive Finance Working Group since February 2021. The Group aims to develop practical solutions to the barriers to investment in long-term, less liquid assets. Iren is responsible for strategy, managing relations across multiple institutions, and advising the Group's chairs.

Prior to that, as the Head of Portfolio Alignment in Mark Carney's COP26 Private Finance Hub, Iren led one of its strategic priorities. She led a team that developed a framework for measuring the position of companies and investment portfolios on the path to net zero. This work has formed the basis for TCFD guidance on forward looking metrics, globally, and ongoing work by GFANZ. Previously, Iren had 5 years of experience at the Bank of England focusing on a portfolio of issues around macro-financial risks and macro-prudential policy, 7 years of research on macro-finance, and a PhD in economics from the University of Massachusetts.