Jonathan Naismith

Business Development Manager, eXate

Business Development Manager for Exate Technology, specialising in data protection and data privacy for global Financial Institutions. For further information or business enquiries please feel free to contact me or visit our website (

Previously, attained a Masters in Finance from Kingston University, London, with distinction. In my time at Kingston, I was student representative and asked to return as a Guest Speaker to discuss my thesis titled, “CEO COMPENSATION VERSUS FIRM PERFORMANCE: THE FTSE 100 AND THE 2013 REGULATION AMENDMENTS”.

In addition, I completed a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) in Financial Management with a 73% average from Varsity College in South Africa. Concurrently, I acquired the Higher Certificate in Business Practices and Principles (HCBPP) with distinction.

During my undergraduate studies, I worked part-time as a sports coach providing the opportunity to enhance my time management, people & leadership skills. It also brought an important balance to my life. Upon completion of my undergraduate studies, I worked at a leading South African Mining & Engineering firm, as an Account Manager.

Tina Sommer Blønd | Vice President