Kat Cloud

UK Policy Lead, Plaid

Kat Cloud is a consistent industry voice, ensuring policy protects fintech innovation and helps improve access to financial services. She is an active participant in OBIE’s Expert Advisory Groups on topics from customer protections, consent, and Variable Recurring Payments. She played a critical role in shaping the FCA’s decision this year to change the rules on 90-day reauthentication. She liaised with the agency directly and advanced thought leadership on the topic, such as a whitepaper on consent and authentication in open banking, and commentary in AltFi and the Verdict. This year, Kat is focused on advocating to protect the future success of open banking payments. She is working with policymakers and financial institutions to develop API standards that help prove open banking payment rails fairly, and more competitively than card networks in order to ensure that consumers and merchants can access cheaper, safer payments.