Kimberley Abbott

CEO & Founder, Vested Impact 

Kimberley Abbott is CEO and founder of Vested Impact, a ground-breaking FinTech startup with a mission to ‘redefine “millionaire” to be a person who impact millions of lives' through her algorithm that provides the data to enable people to make decisions on where to invest their money based where it makes the best impact on society. 

Kimberley is an engineer, previously founding an award-winning social enterprise in India, and spent many years working for the United Nations, leading the IT development of the platform responsible for assessing and measuring the effectiveness and impact of UN Peacekeeping Operations in the world’s worst conflict areas. 

Kimberley has been named in UK’s 100 Entrepreneurs to Watch, UK’s Top 50 Women in Engineering, Australia’s Most Innovative Engineers, Australia’s 100 Women of Influence and was UBS’ inaugural Female Founder Award winner in 2022.