Kirsty Grant

Chief Investment Officer, Seedrs

Kirsty is Chief Investment Officer of Seedrs, Europe's first regulated and leading equity crowdfunding platform. Kirsty leads the Seedrs investment team which covers selection and screening of pitches, the fundraising process on the Seedrs platform and portfolio management. Before joining Seedrs, Kirsty worked at Freshfields in London, focusing on mergers and acquisitions, before reaching the conclusion that her skills could be put to better use in the vibrant startup ecosystem.

Kirsty’s goal is to increase broader understanding of the Seedrs model, ensuring that it is understood how much the company does to ensure investors have sufficient protections and that being ‘crowdfunded’ isn’t a hindrance for portfolio companies. The way Seedrs structures its investment is key and really sets it apart – it’s Kirsty’s personal mission to make that understood