Lisa Leid

Head of Communications at Fractal Labs.
Category: Marketers & Communicators.

Lisa Leid is the Head of Communications at Fractal Labs, leading the direction of the messaging, voice, tone and culture of the company. After completing her Journalism degree at Kingston University, and a short stint in fashion PR and writing, Lisa has spent the last five years in fintech building awareness and encouraging discussion around inclusive financial products for small businesses through engaging content and events.


Her non-financial background has driven her to make bold decisions on how to position fintech companies visually and has fuelled her determination to uncomplicate the jargon around the industry through educational pieces. She is a strong believer in making financial products easy to understand and accessible to everyone.


Lisa is an avid supporter of greater inclusion and promotion for women, people from minority backgrounds and those in the LGBTQ+ community into leadership positions. She does this through compelling written pieces, supporting several female-founded businesses and initiatives with communication strategies, and by mentoring young people within the industry.

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