Louise O’Shea


Category: Senior Leaders (CEOs, CFOs, Founders, Executive Team Members)

Louise has spent her career disrupting stereotypes. She applied for the role of CEO at when she was heavily pregnant with her second child and walked in on her first day with an eight-week-old baby in her arms. Since then, Louise has returned the business to its former start-up culture, doubling the company’s profit within two years of her leadership and flying the company past its £1bn revenue milestone.

Under her lead, has become a committed member of the Tech Talent Charter addressing inequality in the UK tech sector. She created the School of Tech, an internal peer-to-peer programme that pairs tech staff with non-tech staff to aid in implementing AI projects relevant to their roles and increase diversity. Louise also launched academies for Tech and Data Analytics in order to retrain new and existing staff. In a bid to locally grow skills for the future, Louise signed up to the Cardiff Commitment, which sees companies teach school children about the STEM opportunities available to them.

A founding Board member of FinTech Wales, an organisation creating FinTech talent and investment, Louise is an active, driving force of the sector across Wales –’s home!

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