Olya Parafiyanovich

co-founder and Head of Growth, Manigo

Olya Parafiyanovich, co-founder and Head of Growth at Manigo, is a driven entrepreneur and a versatile financial products and services expert with 10+ years of financial markets experience within major commercial and investment banks in the US, UK and Europe.


Her global lifestyle, international financial career and educational background in tech contributed to her deep understanding of the universal limitations of traditional banking and money solutions. The main element she found missing in the B2B fintech landscape (with an abundance of niche financial offerings) was an easy user experience, which would offer businesses everything around modern digital banking products via just one solution. This is how the idea of making fintech easy for every company came about and the Banking-as-a-Service Manigo platform was born.


Today, Olya’s focus is on driving strong, impactful B2B commercial and growth strategies, to ensure success across the board for Manigo through investment, revenue and team growth.