Paul Taylor

Founder & CEO, Thought Machine

Paul Taylor founded Thought Machine in 2014 because he wanted to use the same cloud technology he was exposed to while at Google to solve the banking industry’s legacy infrastructure problem. He believed something needed to be done about the way most banking systems were so cumbersome and awkward, not to mention deeply frustrating and practically useless for millions of end users.

Thought Machine’s core banking engine Vault was born in the spring of 2015 to liberate banks from archaic legacy systems. Prior to Thought Machine, Paul founded two software companies, Rhetorical Systems and Phonetic Arts, and both were acquired by global software companies, Nuance and Google. After Phonetic Arts was acquired by Google in 2010, Paul joined Google to lead a team of engineers responsible for launching the pioneering text-to-speech system in 2012. This system still provides the basis for all of Google’s speech output, including driving directions, voice search and accessibility to machine translation. The system has been installed on more than a billion phones since 2012. Paul is the published author of Text-To-Speech Synthesis, lecturer in Linguistics at Cambridge University, and director of the Centre for Speech Research at Edinburgh University.

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