Philippa Martinelli

Global FinTech & Innovation Specialist, Independent Advisor

A business strategist, board member and investor Philippa specialises in internationalisation, partnerships and scaling ideas and businesses, bringing together global stakeholders to embrace the transformative potential of technology. Her work has helped hundreds of businesses to achieve their international goals. Philippa engages with governments and regulators on global standards and projects which create more robust and resilient infrastructure whilst delivering better outcomes for industry and consumers. For the UK, she has led initiatives including Leading Edge, FinTech Bridges and Export Academy and is a voice for the sector. Philippa is passionate about the opportunities created at the intersection of financial services, science, technology, policy and regulation, and the role of fintech in addressing global sustainability, ESG and climate challenges. She is an advocate for the use of the Principles for Digital Development and through her work with the UNICEF Venture Fund facilitates the creation of Digital Public Goods in pursuit of the UN SDGs.

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