Romi Savova

CEO, PensionBee

Category: Senior Leaders (CEOs, CFOs, Founders, Executive Team Members)

Romi is CEO of PensionBee, the leading online pension provider she founded to simplify pension savings in the UK, following a harrowing pension transfer experience of her own. PensionBee uses technology to help customers find and combine their old pensions into one new online plan. Customers can manage their pension like they manage their bank account; look at their live balance, make contributions and withdrawals online and use a smart calculator to plan their saving.

As CEO of PensionBee, Romi has played a key role in advancing consumer standards in the pensions industry, from reducing transfer times to campaigning for the full abolition of exit fees. In 2018 PensionBee became the first pension provider to utilise Open Banking.

Romi sits on the government's industry delivery steering group for pensions dashboards, advocating for efficient and effective ways for consumers to access their pension information.

Prior to PensionBee, Romi worked at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Credit Benchmark, holding varied roles in risk management, investment banking and financial technology. Romi received an MBA from Harvard Business School as a George F. Baker scholar and graduated summa cum laude from Emory University.

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