Shân Millie

Founder, Bright Blue Hare

Focused on tech-enabled value generation in Financial Services, Shân is an expert in practical advisory and support for Fintech entrepreneurs and corporate intrapreneurs. She is a Facilitator, speaker, StoryTeller, Leadership coach and voice of authority on FinTech's role in AI/Data, Corporate Digital Governance, Open Finance and Financial Inclusion. Shân is Founder of Bright Blue Hare, co-founder of GreenKite Associates, Board Advisor for InsurTech B-Corp Arma Karma and for biodiversity charity Heal Rewilding .

Shân is an active Knowledge Communicator: she originated and co-edited Wiley bestsellers The AI Book (2020) and The InsurTech Book (2018), and Open Finance: The Future of Insurance Innovation? (TechNation, July 2021).