Swarnali Mitra

Product Director at CUR8, Co-founder & Investor at Nodes

Swarnali’s background spans across engineering, product, public policy and capital markets and she is most interested in solving the hard problems of fintech. She is currently focused on helping scale the global carbon removals market through financial products at CUR8, and investing in startups with a collective of founders, operators, and investors at Nodes. Prior to this, Swarnali was an early-stage VC investor and the European lead at the Anthemis Female Innovators Lab fund (anchored by Barclays and backed by Aviva). Swarnali has previously worked in FIG Investment Banking advising leading Banks, Asset Managers, Insurers, and Fintech companies on M&A, and capital markets transactions at Credit Suisse New York & London; and helped build digital payments systems for corporates and institutions at Deutsche Bank Singapore. She contributed to the launch of the Inclusive FinTech 50 series (supported by Accion and IFC), and has helped develop industry research on digital ID-based solutions to improve access to finance. Now based in London, Swarnali considers backpacks and camping grounds close friends.