Sybille Mueller

Director, Streets Consulting

Category: Marketers & Communicators

A founding member of Streets Consulting, Sybille cares deeply about work ethics and standards in the delivery of all aspects of a communications campaign.

She oversees many of the business development, marketing and communications campaigns for both global trading powerhouses and entrepreneurial FinTech and RegTech firms, helping them grow and build their profile in the marketplace, the media and amongst their peers. She both advises on and drives integrated marketing and communications campaigns for clients, helps them frame clear and consistent messages, to ensure their views on industry themes are heard, understood and requested.

Success looks different for all clients, stretching beyond the important metrics of corporate growth to receiving industry awards, becoming sought-after media commentators, or being invited to speak at industry events.

Sybille cares deeply about rigour and respect in all business and media relationships, values that shine through in all client engagement, across the company. This is one of the reasons why, time and again, clients place their trust in the Streets Consulting team to help them achieve their growth ambitions.

Sybille is a driving force in forging partnerships with fintech-minded organisations such as Innovate Finance, Accenture’s Fintech Lab, The FCA and the Investment Association.