Teana Baker-Taylor

Executive Director, Global Digital Finance

Category: Policy Makers & Regulatory Experts

Teana has leveraged over 20 years experience within both the traditional finance and crypto industries to bridge two ecosystems with shared commercial, regulatory and reputational challenges.

As the Executive Director for GDF, she advocates for global cryptoasset standards and best practices for market participants through the ongoing development of the global GDF Code of Conduct, and has helped to build a community of 300+ of the most influential digital currency and token companies, as well as academics and professional services who support the industry. Teana contributes to policymaker, regulator and industry outreach to build a shared understanding of the risks and opportunities presented by tokens and cryptoassets. This activity has led to building and enhancing GDF's relationships and influence with local and global policy makers and directly affected policy to date.

Prior to her current role, Teana held senior positions at Coinfloor, HSBC, Citi, Fiserv, Royal Bank of Scotland and Hilton Hotels.

Teana championed the launch of the HSBC Innovation Lab implemented in partnership with Singapore’s regulator MAS and executed HSBC's WEF Davos content and marketing strategy.

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