Teggy Altankhuyag

Co-Director and COO, Coinfloor

Teggy Altankhuyag is Co-Director and COO at Coinfloor, the UK's longest-running Bitcoin exchange, where she is responsible for Finance, Operations and Compliance. She is an accredited executive coach and passionate about helping others develop. She works closely with other industry leaders on developing and promoting inclusive and diverse culture in the Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto space. She is the creator of the '#smashingit - Sheroes of Blockchain' video campaign, aimed to highlight female representation in the blockchain space. She was recently named one of the ‘Rising Women in Crypto’ in the Wirex / Fintech Times’ power list. Her background is in Business Intelligence and strategy development; before Coinfloor, she helped companies develop their BI and commercial strategies during periods of significant internal and external change.