Thin Chambers

Chief Financial Officer

Q. Tell everyone a little bit about yourself and your role at Innovate Finance

A. I am a qualified accountant with over 15 years’ experience. I started off my working life in practice before leaving Baker Tilly (now RSM) in 2010 to form my own firm, with a focus on providing specialised outsourced financial services to my clients. I joined Innovate Finance in 2017 and responsible for looking after all financial aspects of the organisation. 

Q. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time away from work?

A. I enjoy going for long walks in the countryside and being close to nature. Being married to a keen birdwatcher, I also enjoy bird watching although I annoy my husband a great deal by mis-identifying different species (apparently not everything looks like a sparrow!).

Q. What are some of your favourite things about working in FinTech?

A. Being a freelance professional with my own practice, I provide services to clients in a wide range of industries. I generally find people in the FinTech industry to have the perfect mix of a relaxing and fun attitude combined with a good work ethic and professionalism. I also like the innovative nature of the FinTech industry, and it is both interesting and exciting to learn of the success stories of some of our members.

Q. You can invite any 3 people to your dinner party. Who do you choose and why?


  • My Gran – As she passed away while I was quite young, I never really got to know my grandmother. She was a widow who could not read or write but she brought up all five of her children to be well educated professionals. I would love to have a long chat with her to hear about her interesting life experiences.
  • General Aung San – the founder of Burma’s independence. As Burma (where I was originally from) is now going through so many issues, I would like to hear his views on how he would solve all these problems.
  • Henry Cavill – well I do not think I need an explanation here!! He will be all mine at the dinner party as the other two will be having a conversation in Burmese 😊

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