Ulrich Pietsch

CEO, Ecolytiq

Throughout his life, Ulrich Pietsch has been fascinated by technology and even started programming computers when he was only 10 years old. Later on, he followed his childhood passion for technology, and founded multiple companies that enable new, disruptive business models through software and digitalization.

Thinking about his next step and purpose in life, a life changing moment occurred when watching a movie with his two sons about the future of the planet, explaining what would happen if humanity fails to solve the climate crisis. His sons started crying, and Ulrich decided to act and apply his knowledge in technology towards sustainability. Since then, he has been steadfast in his
belief that technology is the game changer needed to tackle climate change on a global scale.

With years of business experience under his belt, Ulrich co-founded ecolytiq in 2020 to initiate change with sustainable banking, enabling millions of bank customers to understand their footprint. Banks can help their customers reduce and also compensate for their impact with the help of one, comprehensive Sustainability-as-a-Service® solution.

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