Viola Llewellyn

Co-Founder & President, Ovamba Solutions

Category: Senior Leaders

Viola’s passion for financial inclusion led her to co-found Ovamba, a US-based FinTech company that supports merchant businesses & manufacturers in Africa and emerging markets through a mobile platform.

Ovamba’s platform has opened Africa's market up to international investors from Asia especially, using trade innovation to create 450% growth amongst businesses in the Central African region.

She is an active advisor, sitting on the boards of the Women Economic Imperative, African Women’s Payment Network and the European Women in Payments Network. She joined the alternative finance sector in 2013, when there were only a handful of women in the industry, and even fewer black women.

Viola is a global tech Ambassador to the World Economic Forum and partnered with Microsoft to build one of the first natural language chatbots for the African Market. She was listed by Digital Undivided’s 2016 report as one of only 34 Black women in the USA to have raised more than $1m for tech companies.