Women in FinTech

Powerlist 2018

Innovate Finance’s Women in FinTech Powerlist is now 5 years old and was designed to celebrate the achievements and talent of women across the FinTech ecosystem and showcase its role models. The FinTech space has grown significantly since the launch of the Powerlist in 2015 and Innovate Finance remains committed to highlighting the crucial role that women play in the innovation and evolution of financial services.

Above all, we are looking for those woman who have made a real impact in promoting diversity within FinTech. If you are actively making a change in your own organisation/wider sector; or, if you know someone who is and would like to nominate* them, we want to hear from you!

The 2018 list will therefore shine a spotlight on 150 women across 7 categories who have made a real impact over and above their day-to-day role.. The new introduction of categories aims to showcase the best in class women leading the way in their respective fields and highlight position-related role models.

This year, we have introduced categories to the Powerlist to make it easier to scan for position-related role models. We will also call upon a panel of independent judges to choose the Standout 35: women who have made a significant difference across FinTech’s many facets.

*If you are nominating someone else, please make sure you have informed them! Data privacy laws will require us to contact them first to make sure they are happy for us to proceed with their nomination.

Criteria for applying

To be eligible for the list, nominees should have the following minimum requirements:

  1. To have worked in FinTech or a FinTech-related field for a minimum of at least 12 months
  2. To have made some key contributions to their organisation or the FinTech space in the past 12 months and to be able to provide us with examples of these (thought leadership, mentoring etc)

In order to be recognised for the “standout” distinction, you need to show us how you have made a real and significant difference, performed outstandingly or inspired others within the FinTech ecosystem.


  • Applicants can submit no more than three nominations per company
  • Nominees cannot be submitted by external PR companies on-behalf of their clients
  • Previous applicants and PowerList alumni are welcome but please make sure any previous submission is updated

Powerlist 2018 Categories

Senior Leaders

(CEOs, Founders, Executive Team Members)
Are you in a senior leadership position and driving forward change within the FinTech space? Do you not only excel in your career, but are also passionate about helping others make progress in theirs – through mentoring, setting up support groups to share experiences or voluntary work? We want to hear about your achievements!


(VCs, Angel Investors, Accelerators)
Are you playing a role in changing the current funding environment for women founders and entrepreneurs? Do you encourage them to take their innovative ideas to the next stage? We are looking for concrete examples of initiatives you have spearheaded to encourage more women founders.

Technology Professionals

(IT Specialists, Developers, Engineers)
Are you one of those rare women making a contribution in the heart of the Tech part of FinTech? Have you designed or implemented a complex software package? Or maybe you have made a really innovative contribution to your firm’s systems or processes? Have you helped to recruit other women into Tech roles or maybe you have inspired younger girls still in education to follow in your footsteps? We would like to hear from you!

Policy Makers and Regulatory Experts

(Government, Regulators, Policy Advisors, Compliance Professionals)
FinTech is growing up and with adulthood comes responsibility! Regulators, government officials and policy advisors play a vital role in encouraging innovation. Have you been at the forefront of an initiative that is enabling FinTech to scale in a responsible & compliant way? Are you leading the way for greater collaboration between more traditional players in Financial Services and start-ups, or maybe you have been helping regulators and governments share experiences on an international level?

Rising Stars

(FinTech Newbies, Returness, Young Professionals)
Are you a relative newbie but are determined to make your mark as a future FinTech leader or a role model for the industry? Have you hit the ground running, gone beyond your job description? Judges will be looking for examples of your contributions to successful projects, innovative ideas and other standout achievements. This person should not already be in a senior management position.

Financial and Professional Services

(Banking, Consultancy, Legal, Accountancy, HR)
Do you work in a professional services environment that champions FinTech within your respective teams? Are you an inhouse specialist, the go-to for the latest in FinTech trends and a influential voice on sector innovations and diversity? Do you support women who are in FinTech or mentor those around you?

Marketers & Communicators

(In-house PRs, Media, Marketing Specialists, Events)
Do you command the authoritative voice of your organisation, or share key insights that go beyond traditional media? Do you play an important role in harnessing the voice of your organisation while maintaining a balanced tone? Are you aware of current FinTech trends and understand the space women play in forwarding innovation? We are looking for applications from communicators in FinTech, be this through marketing or media or public relations disciplines.

Applications will close on Monday 7th January 2019 with the full list (and the Judges “standout” selection) published on Thursday 28th February 2019.