Women in FinTech Powerlist 2020

Applications for the Women In FinTech 2020 Powerlist are now closed, watch this space for further announcements

Our Women in FinTech Powerlist celebrates some of the amazing women innovators making an impact across the FinTech and Financial Services space. The Powerlist 2020 will shine a spotlight on 150 women across 7 categories who have made a significant difference across the sector’s many facets. Our panel of independent judges will select the Standout 35; those who are making a real and lasting impact in FinTech, over and above their day-to-day role.

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Including CEOs, CFOs, Founders and Executive Team Members.

We are seeking applications from women who hold a C-Level position (CEOs, CFOs, Founders etc) and are driving forward change within the financial innovation space. We want to hear about your achievements in building diverse teams, inspiring the next generation, mentoring inside and outside the workplace or lobbying for policy change to make a difference.

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Excluding CEO, Founders and ExCo.

We are looking for newbies and returnees who are taking the FinTech and financial innovation space by storm. You should provide concrete examples on how you have hit the ground running and have promoted inclusion and diversity in your organisation beyond your job description. People applying to this category cannot be in a senior management position (Ex: CEOs, Department Heads, etc).

In memory of Catherine Wines.

Including VCs, Angel Investors and Accelerators.

We are looking for submissions from women playing a role in changing the current funding environment for women founders and entrepreneurs. We would like examples on how you encourage investment opportunities for women founders and details on the initiatives you have spearheaded to encourage/educate women to take the plunge into entrepreneurship, or investment.

Including HR & Recruitment, Legal, Accountancy, Banking, Business, Consultancy.

This category is open to women who work within the professional services and financial services space. We are seeking examples from inhouse specialists, who are the go-to for the latest in FinTech trends and can demonstrate their dedication to innovation and diversity.

Including Chief Technology Officers, IT Specialists, Developers and Engineers.

This category is open to women who represent the Tech in FinTech. Maybe you are building new products/services or implementing cutting edge software development/engineering processes in more traditional establishments. We are also looking for women holding executive-level positions focused on improving technology adoption within their organisation.

Including in-house PRs and marketing specialists.

This category is open to women who are communicators in FinTech, be this in the marketing or media or public relations disciplines. We would like applicants to provide examples of how they hone the voice of their organisation, or promote diversity that goes beyond traditional media roles.

Including government, regulators, policy / special advisors and compliance professionals.

Applicants for this category should be regulators, government officials, civil servants and policy advisors who play a vital role in encouraging innovation. We are seeking applicants who are leading the way for greater collaboration between more traditional players in Financial Services and start-ups, or paving the way to encourage more innovators to set up their businesses in the UK.

Powerlist Criteria

To be eligible for the list, nominees should have the following minimum requirements:

  1. To have worked in FinTech or a FinTech-related field for a minimum of at least 12 months.
  2. To have made some key contributions to their organisation or the FinTech space in the past 12 months and to be able to provide us with solid examples that go beyond job descriptions (thought leadership, mentoring etc.)

In order to be recognised for the “standout” distinction, applicants need to demonstrate how they have made a real and significant difference, performed outstandingly or inspired others within the FinTech ecosystem.


  • Nominees cannot be submitted by external PR companies on-behalf of their clients
  • Previous applicants and PowerList alumni are welcome but please make sure any previous submission is updated.


  • Wednesday 9th December 2020
    Open Date for Applications /
    Nominations for WIF Powerlist
  • Friday 15th January  2021
    Deadline for applications/nominations
  • Mid-Feb
    Standout35 longlist submitted
    to judges.
  • Early March
    Successful applicants will be
    informed of the status of their
    application and if they have
    been included in the 2020 list.
  • Monday 22nd March 2021
    Publication date of WIF Powerlist.


Innovate Finance’s Women in FinTech Powerlist was designed to celebrate the achievements and talents of women across the FinTech ecosystem and those involved in the innovation and evolution of financial services. The Powerlist especially champions those women who have made a real impact in promoting diversity within FinTech.

The Powerlist features categories in order to showcase the best in class women leading the way in their respective fields and make it easier for women to scan for position-related role models.

Women applying to the Powerlist are expected to adhere to the following criteria: 

1. They have worked in FinTech or a FinTech-related field for a minimum of at least 12 months

2. They have made some key contributions to their organisation or the FinTech space in the past 12 months and to be able to provide us with brief examples of these (thought leadership, mentoring etc)

To be featured in the Standout 35, we typically ask our judges to take the following criteria into account:

• What has the applicant contributed to the financial innovation/FinTech space?

• What has the applicant done within the wider ecosystem to promote diversity/ women in FinTech?

• To what extent has the applicant disrupted the market/environment in which they operate?

• In what way has the performance of the applicant been outstanding? (Thought leadership? Mentoring? Activities over and above their everyday role).

Successful applicants will be contacted in early Spring with further details on the promotion and distribution of the Powerlist.

If your job has changed during the application process for the 2020 Powerlist, please email the team at wif@innovatefinance.com to update your details and job description.

There are no costs associated with the application process of the Powerlist.