An Forum

The Power of FinTech: Creating a More Sustainable and Inclusive World for All

Tuesday 5th October 2023

East Wintergarden 43 Bank St, London E14 5NX

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An Introduction

Financial services form an integral part of our lives, yet there are still barriers and challenges for many when it comes to accessing simple financial products and services.

The cost of living crisis has drawn into focus the need for our financial systems to better equip the increasing numbers of the vulnerable. With more households running deficit budgets, and a huge increase in late payments, mounting arrears and bad debts are drastically changing the personal finances of millions, now and for years to come. How the financial services ecosystem responds to this is key to how our society moves into the future.



FinTech entrepreneurs, founders, innovators, and change-makers have proven that by harnessing the powers of technology; innovation in financial services can act as a crucible to drive change and help solve the challenges facing society.

These challenges have drawn into focus the need to build a responsible business, with purpose and structures in place to do ‘the right thing’, beyond just fulfilling regulatory requirements. Not only has the FinTech sector been a key driver in enacting change, but it also understands the power that the industry has when it comes to the wider ESG agenda.


But creating positive, sustainable change isn’t enough.

While the overall impact of financial services on the environment can be both wide-reaching and hard to accurately measure, the FinTech and financial services sector has the opportunity to take a position of global leadership, and to create plans, processes, and policies that will shape the future to come. If we don’t take action now, the cost of inaction will be far greater.

We are embarking on the third edition of ‘FinTech as a Force For Good: an Innovate Finance Forum’ this year, showcasing the power the sector has in creating real change, right now.



Key Themes

  • The State of ESG: A Global Outlook
  • The emissions reduction scope and the role of FinTech
  • How Spatial Data and Finance are combining to help manage nature-related financial risks and opportunities
  • Financial Inclusion and Wellbeing: A Financial Services System That Caters to All
  • Cost of living crisis – what does it mean for FinTechs
  • What does good governance look like for FinTechs?
  • Back to Basics: Creating the right culture to build a responsible businesses

Teaser Morning Agenda


Opening by Host

Opening Remarks

From Yesterday to Tomorrow: FinTech Driving Positive Change for All

Panel Discussion

The Impact of FinTech

Has FinTech and innovation truly changed financial services for the better? Are consumers better off now than they were a decade ago? What must we do now to ensure a fairer and more democratic FS system in the future?

Panel Discussion

The Cost of Living Crisis: Innovating to Support Those in Need

How is the FinTech ecosystem positively supporting the broader society to navigate the cost of living crisis and the economic difficulties many consumers and businesses are facing? What else needs to be done to ensure essential consumer finance solutions come to market?

Fireside Chat

Empowering the Future: Driving Greater Financial Resilience and Wellness for a New Generation of Consumers

What do the consumers of tomorrow look like? How do their needs differ? What role does education play in driving new business opportunities?

Morning Break

Partnering to Put the Consumer First

Panel Discussion

Innovating with Heart: The FinTech Pledge 2025

Panel Discussion

Working Together Towards a Brighter Future: The Power of Industry Partnerships

How does working together bring benefits at scale and provide access to financial services to more people?

Fireside Chat

Open Banking: The Next Chapter Is Now

What’s next for Open Banking in the UK? How can we drive forward adoption to benefit the end consumer?


Join us at FinTech as a Force for Good

Join us as we welcome FinTech founders, financial services institutions, policy-makers and regulators, NPOs and NGOs, professional services firms, investors, and international hubs for a one-day impact summit.

Senior leaders from across the industry will discuss and debate key problem areas facing society and together develop an action plan with tangible outputs that showcase how the sector can help create and support a fairer, greener, and more sustainable world for all.