An Forum

The Power of FinTech: Creating a More Sustainable and Inclusive World for All

Thursday 5th October 2023

East Wintergarden 43 Bank St, London E14 5NX

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An Introduction

The current cost of living crisis has underlined the need for our financial services industry to innovate and push forward solutions that better serve the consumer - enabling greater access to better products at a lower cost, for everyone. The FinTech sector has been a key driver in this change, and it is now more important than ever before that we continue this positive momentum. In doing so, we must also ensure that we are building responsible, sustainable and purpose-led businesses as we scale and grow as an industry - this will be fundamental to the continued successful growth of our sector. At the third edition of our annual FinTech as a Force for Good Forum, we will explore FinTech’s expanding role in supporting consumers through the current economic uncertainty as well as FinTech’s ability to help drive forward the wider ESG agenda, while examining how we can ensure our companies scale responsibility.


But creating positive, sustainable change isn’t enough

While the overall impact of financial services on the environment can be both wide-reaching and hard to accurately measure, the FinTech and financial services sector has the opportunity to take a position of global leadership, and to create plans, processes, and policies that will shape the future to come. If we don’t take action now, the cost of inaction will be far greater.

We are embarking on the third edition of ‘FinTech as a Force For Good: an Innovate Finance Forum’ this year, showcasing the power the sector has in creating real change, right now.


Morning Agenda




Opening by Host

Rashee Pandey, Associate Director - Growth & Membership, Innovate Finance


Opening Remarks

Janine Hirt, CEO, Innovate Finance

From Yesterday to Tomorrow: FinTech Driving Positive Change for All

09:35–09:45 Fireside Chat

The Future in Credit: Supporting customers towards a positive financial future

The Zilch mission and vision; Cost of living crisis: how the company is supporting vulnerable customers.

Philip Belamant, CEO & Co-Founder, Zilch

Janine Hirt, CEO, Innovate Finance (mod.)

09:45–09:55 Keynote

Supporting Innovation to Build a Better Financial Services System

Regulation has a key role to play to support innovation from the Financial Services industry and allow access to new financial services to consumers

Ravi Bhalla, Head of Department, Innovation, Financial Conduct Authority

09:55–10:15 Panel Discussion

Measuring Up: Has FinTech Delivered?

Has the rise of FinTech truly changed financial services for the better? Are consumers better off now than they were a decade ago? What more must we do now to ensure a fairer and more democratic Financial Services system in the future?

Robin Brattel, CEO, Lab 1

Graham Cressey, Director, Accenture Fintech Innovation Lab, Accenture

Heather Cobb, SVP Member Engagement, Tide

Lesley Li, CEO & Founder, U Impact

Kimberley Abbott, CEO & Founder, Vested Impact (mod.)

10:15–10:35 Panel Discussion

The Cost of Living Crisis: Innovating to Support Those in Need

A deep dive into how the FinTech ecosystem is stepping up to help individuals and businesses navigate this period of economic turbulence. How can we fully unleash the potential of FinTech to help even more consumers? What role must government and regulation play?

Sharon Evans, General Counsel, TotallyMoney

Clare Moriarty, CEO, Citizens Advice

Andrew Rabbitt, CEO & Co-Founder, Incuto

Chris Skinner, Industry Advisor & Author, The Finanser

Tom Bull, Partner, Head of FinTech Growth - UK Financial Services, EY (mod.)

10:35–11:00 Panel discussion

Empowering the Future: Driving Greater Financial Resilience and Wellness for a New Generation of Consumers

What does the customer of tomorrow look like? How are shifting demands, expectations, and needs driving new business models?

Stevan Bajic, CEO, Manigo

Nicky Goulimis, Co-Founder & COO, Novacredit /Co-Founder, Tunic

Louise Hill, CEO & Co-Founder, GoHenry

James Robinson, Managing Director of Consumer Interactive, TransUnion

Caroline Siarkiewicz, CEO, Money and Pensions Service (mod.)

11:00–11:10 Keynote

Scaling Climate Tech: Partnership Through Network

An ecosystem is needed to transform sustainable commerce

Stephen King, Vice President, Sustainability Solutions, Visa

Morning Break

Partnering to Put the Consumer First

11:30–11:45 Fireside Chat

Innovating with Heart: The FinTech Pledge 2025

A case study of the campaign to drive 10 million actions that improve consumers' financial resilience by 2025.

Justin Basini, CEO & Co-Founder, ClearScore

Jaidev Janardana, CEO, Zopa

Michelle Highman, CEO, The Money Charity (mod.)

11:45–12:10 Panel Discussion

Working Together Towards a Brighter Future: The Power of Industry Partnerships

Hear firsthand from the innovators on how collaboration is changing financial services for the better and allowing public benefit at scale.

Rob Fairfield, COO, Liberis

Alasdair Haynes, CEO & Founder, Aquis Exchange

Rosemary Stone, Chief Business Development Officer, Swift

Nick Young, Chief Strategy & Insights Officer, Leeds Building Society

Amy French, Director, Level39 (mod.)

12:10–12:20 Fireside Chat

Achieving outstanding outcomes for consumers: the power of little and large partnerships

Proving that size really does matter, financial services giant Scottish Widows is working with agile Fintech Moneyhub to leverage cutting-edge APIs to help their customers make the most of their financial future. Find out how this partnership came about and why it's working well.

Kim Jenkins, Managing Director, Moneyhub

Phil Allen, Digital Channel Servicing Product Owner, Lloyds Banking Group

Victoria Roberts, Director, Victress Communications (mod.)

12:20–12:40 Panel Discussion

Open Banking: The Future Is Now

What's next for Open Banking in the UK? Are we keeping pace globally? How can we drive forward adoption to benefit the end consumer and facilitate wider use cases?

James Hickman, COO, EcoSpend

Adam Jackson, Director of Policy, Innovate Finance

Robert Kerrigan, General Counsel, TrueLayer

Marion King, Chair & Trustee, OBL

Ellie Hewitt, Director, Payments Consulting, KPMG (mod.)



Join us at FinTech as a Force for Good

Join us as we welcome FinTech founders, financial services institutions, policy-makers and regulators, NPOs and NGOs, professional services firms, investors, and international hubs for a one-day impact summit.

Senior leaders from across the industry will discuss and debate key problem areas facing society and together develop an action plan with tangible outputs that showcase how the sector can help create and support a fairer, greener, and more sustainable world for all.