Creating a thriving marketplace for South Africa’s fishing communities

The livelihoods of South Africa’s fishing communities have traditionally been at the mercy of the forces of nature, and their fortunes heavily dependent on favourable environmental conditions. But direct access to a digital marketplace could provide the key to long-lasting financial security.

Presented by Catalyst Fund and Innovate Finance

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Helping charities to survive in the age of contactless

An increasingly cashless society could spell disaster for charities that rely on donations of spare change to carry out their work, especially smaller organisations. But digital solutions, like contactless donating, are providing the key to survival.

Presented by Goodbox and Innovate Finance

The power of financial inclusion in South Africa

Digital banking has disrupted the financial world for good. But it’s changing more than the way we use our money. Financial inclusion has the power to help re-shape society in some of the world’s most historically divided countries.

Presented by TymeBank and Innovate Finance

How FinTech could transform Latin America

Latin America is undergoing a transformation. From speeding up essential everyday services and promoting the growth of new businesses, to helping close social divides – a digital financial revolution is changing lives across the continent.

Presented by Kushki and Innovate Finance