Crisis To Catalyst

In April we took a look at what’s been happening in FinTech around the world through our film series Innovation In Finance. The unprecedented times we have found ourselves in since then has forced us to take a closer look not just at how COVID-19 is accelerating the existing transformation in FinTech, but bringing other injustices and concerns into clearer relief. Through a combination of footage we were able to capture before lockdown, and socially distanced interviews we’ve been able to arrange during it, we’ve been able to put together a compelling, global look at what’s next for FinTech.

It could take decades for the significance of 2020 to be fully understood. As well as being an authentically global crisis, it could also be a global turning point. There is a great deal of emotional, physical and financial pain in the immediate future but the outcome could produce positives that could ultimately change our financial society for the better. 

This 30-minute feature film explores the impact of COVID-19 on FinTech and society at large. Speaking to some of the leading figures in the global FinTech ecosystem, we delve into the challenges to personal data, the evolving conversation on diversity and inclusion in FinTech, and the democratisation of banking today. 

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With thanks to…

Andy Ayim MBE, Angel Investing School, Founder

David Birch, Digital Finance Expert

Ben Brabyn, GenieShares, Campaign Coordinator

Louise Brett, Deloitte, Head of FinTech

Charlotte Crosswell, Innovate Finance, CEO

Ben Davey, Barclays Ventures, CEO

Rachel Freeman, Tyme, Chief Growth Officer

Suki Fuller, Strategic Intelligence Advisor

Marilena Ioannidou, British Business Investments, Director

Lisa Jacobs, Managing Director Europe, Funding Circle

Tim Levene, Augmentum FinTech, CEO

Nina Mohanty, Breaking Banks, Co-host

William Russell, Lord Mayor of London

David Sandstrӧm, Klarna, Chief Marketing Officer

Noorneet Singh, Deloitte (FinTech), Engagement Manager

Nik Storonsky, Revolut, Founder & CEO

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