Helping people send money home

From urgent business transactions to sending salaries back to family overseas – so many of us rely on transferring cash internationally. But getting money across borders can be an expensive and slow process. A payment platform is offering a simple fintech solution.

Presented by NIUM: InstaReM and Innovate Finance

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How small businesses are getting the cash flowing

The potential impact of startups on the world economy is huge – but getting them off the ground can be a challenge few can overcome. Millions of small and medium size businesses in the US are forced to shut down every year, after failing to secure a regular source of cash. But a digital revolution is giving new companies tools to overcome their funding hurdles.

Presented by Plastiq and Innovate Finance

Taking the paperwork pain out of payday

The prospect of painful administration processes can put many off growing their businesses. But digital alternatives mean efficient accounting has never been so simple, unlocking the true potential of small companies across the UK.

Presented by Modulr and Innovate Finance

Lending options giving traditional banks a run for their money

Starting a business from scratch can be a daunting prospect, and sourcing funds can be a minefield of its own. Small startups can find it especially hard to get the right information about their options, but technology is helping provide entrepreneurs with the backing they need to approach the right lenders.

Presented by Duedil and Innovate Finance