Online shopping: The rise of alternative payments

The financial world suffered a crisis of confidence following the 2008 crash, and years on, many retailers were still struggling to attract the customers they needed. A digital payment service is helping to provide the solution – building back trust and creating more affordable shopping solutions.

Presented by Klarna and Innovate Finance

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Bringing finance to rural India

Banking is an essential part of everyday life, but for thousands of people living in rural India, accessing the most basic financial services can mean travelling long hours to the nearest city. But the country’s postal workers are helping to change this – by bringing more than mail to people’s doorsteps.

Presented by Deloitte and Innovate Finance

Simplifying saving for retirement

Many dream about the possibilities of their retirement, but without a good saving scheme in place, plans often have to be put on hold. Here’s how digitally-focused, more user-friendly pensions, are allowing people to take back control of their futures.

Presented by Smart Pensions and Innovate Finance

Why is Scotland the perfect place for fintech to thrive?

FinTechs, or financial technology companies, are transforming the way we interact with our money. Scotland is at the heart of this change – providing the perfect environment for ground-breaking startups to thrive. From primary schools to universities, fintech literacy is growing, and outdated models of money management are being challenged.

Presented by Direct ID and Innovate Finance