All your pensions in one place

Pensions are traditionally a complex, paper-heavy area of personal finance, with many people having multiple pots with multiple providers. But innovative digital solutions are making it possible to view all of your accounts through a simple and accessible mobile app, giving customers the opportunity to think long-term and really understand their financial future.

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The tech supporting work-life balance

Finding the right work-life balance can seem like an impossible dream for people with young children, especially after taking a career break. A digital training platform is helping parents re-train and upskill, to get back into work on their own terms.

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Helping small business owners in South Africa grow

Small businesses are often the heart of a community, providing essential services to hundreds of people in their local area. But with credit out of reach for many, it can be a struggle to grow their companies to full potential. Now a new route to funding is changing that for South African entrepreneurs.

Presented by Catalyst Fund and Innovate Finance

Creating a thriving marketplace for South Africa’s fishing communities

The livelihoods of South Africa’s fishing communities have traditionally been at the mercy of the forces of nature, and their fortunes heavily dependent on favourable environmental conditions. But direct access to a digital marketplace could provide the key to long-lasting financial security.

Presented by Catalyst Fund and Innovate Finance